2018 WRC staff

Instagram @gtwrc photo of 2018 WRC staff.

The Georgia Tech Women’s Resource Center advances gender equity across identities by cultivating opportunities for community building, transformative learning, collaborative leadership, and identity development for graduate and undergraduate women.

We provide:

To act as a resource for women seeking information on women's issues including health issues, academic opportunities, safety concerns, and career options; to provide a library collection that supports the academic interests of women.

To provide a comfortable gathering place for women, with diverse needs and interests, at Georgia Tech; to assist student groups developing and implementing programming that fosters a greater sense of understanding and responsiveness to women's issues on campus.

To aid the development of campus services that cater to the diverse needs of women at Georgia Tech.

To act as a crisis intervention resource that aids students in locating and utillizing campus and community services; to advocate for changes in campus policies and practices that impact women's educational experiences and opportunities as well as those that affect the campus climate for woman.

To provide women with opportunities to build skills that will prepare them for life following graduation, especially through developing leadership.

To foster a sense of community among the diverse groups of women and men at Georgia Tech.